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  • 40/64/80TB per 19-inch rack

  • 1.0/1.6/2.0TB per node

  • Power as low as 40W per TB

  • Lowest price point and TCO








Redefining the Economics of Storage

Capricorn Technologies is proud to announce the PetaBox Product Family, a revolutionary solution for massive data storage. The PetaBox supports petabyte-class storage with state of the art density, extremely low power consumption, uncompromised reliability, and the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Scalable Architecture
The PetaBox is completely scalable from individual terabyte nodes to a full petabyte cluster. A single 19-inch rack can support up to 80 TB of raw disk space. This density is achieved through an economy of design that consumes as little as 40 watts per terabyte.

Power Is Key
Such modest power consumption provides a host of benefits. Low operating temperatures enhance reliability. Operating costs, cooling requirements, and maintenance overhead are kept to a minimum. Together with the PetaBox’s economical entry point, these features yield the lowest TCO available today.

Providing Value
Organizations around the globe such as universities, libraries, research and scientific institutes, and national archives are turning to Capricorn Technologies for their data storage solutions. For these customers, the PetaBox is redefining the economics of storage.

For details on individual PetaBox products, please see:

TB80 - 80TB Rack

TB64 - 64TB Rack

TB40 - 40TB Rack

GB2000 - 2.0TB Node

GB1600 - 1.6TB Node

GB1000 - 1.0TB Node

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