Capricorn Technologies Releases First Products in PetaBox Family


San Francisco, CA, September 1, 2004 – Capricorn Technologies has announced the first shipments of its initial storage products in the PetaBox Product Family, the TB40 and the GB1000.

The TB40 provides 40 terabytes of raw storage in a standard 19-inch rack. It is based on GB1000 storage nodes, which provide 1 terabyte of storage in each 1U enclosure. The systems are able to provide high storage density while keeping power dissipation to a minimum. By carefully managing the power budget, operating temperatures are reduced and reliability is enhanced. Operating costs, cooling requirements, and maintenance overhead are also kept to a minimum. Together with the PetaBox’s economical entry point, these feature yield the lowest Total Cost of Ownership available today.

“We are thrilled to be right on target with our first of many product releases,” said C.R. Saikley, President and CEO of Capricorn. “Our low-power, low-cost storage solutions enable us to provide the value that our customers demand.”

Features included in the first release are:

  • 1.0TB per node
  • 40TB per 19-inch rack
  • 65 Watts/TB
  • 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Single-side access

Products are shipping and are available in full production quantities now.

About Capricorn Technologies
Capricorn Technologies Inc. was founded in 2004 and provides petabyte-class storage solutions to organizations worldwide. Capricorn's PetaBox technology grew out of a search for high density, low cost, low power storage systems for the world's largest data collections. Capricorn Technologies is proud to be a leader in the next data storage revolution.

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