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About Capricorn Technologies

Capricorn Technologies was founded in 2004 and provides petabyte-class storage solutions for organizations worldwide. Capricorn's PetaBox technology grew out of a search for high density, low cost, low power storage systems for one of the world's largest data collections.

Capricorn Technologies traces its roots to the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization founded by Brewster Kahle to build an “Internet Library”. In December of 2003, Kahle contacted his longtime friend C.R. Saikley with a proposal: develop the Internet Archive’s next-generation storage system. The system would have to be inexpensive to manufacture and operate, it would have to be reliable, and with a target of 1PB, it would be massive.

“We began by evaluating off-the-shelf solutions, thinking that surely there was already something available that met our requirements,” said Saikley, who went on to found Capricorn. “We soon discovered that there was nothing available that achieved what we knew was possible.” Having come to that realization, the PetaBox team began development of their own solution.

Much of the success of the new design would hinge on staying within a tight power budget. The critical goals of high storage density, reliability, and low operating and cooling costs are all dependent on low power consumption. The team achieved its goals with a 100TB system which was placed in service in June of 2004.

At that same time, Kahle and Saikley began discussing ways to make PetaBox technology available on a wider scale, and Capricorn Technologies was formed. Capricorn began operations shortly thereafter and shipped its first products in September of 2004.

Today Capricorn Technologies continues to expand the PetaBox family, providing storage solutions with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership to organizations worldwide. Capricorn Technologies is proud to be a leader in the next data storage revolution.

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